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A badge and a purpose (and a shiny truncheon, too)

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Sam Vimes
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" 'You know a lot about me,' said Vimes weakly
'Most of it good, I assure you,' she said. 'Although you are inclined to forget your papervork, you get exasperated easily, you are far too sentimental, you regret your own lack of education and distrust erudition in others, you are immensely proud of your city and you vonder if you might be a class traitor. My... friends in Ankh-Morpork were unable to find out anything very bad, and, believe me, they are pretty good at that sort of thing. And you loathe vampires.'
'Quite understandable. Ve're dreadful people, by and large.'"
-Lady Margolotta and Sam Vimes, The Fifth Elephant.


"The thought occurs, sir, that if Commander Vimes did not exist you would have to invent him."
-Drumknott to Lord Vetinari, Feet of Clay.


" 'I've always understood [Vimes] to be a violent and vicious man,' said the chair.
'Quite so. And because that is what he knows himself to be, he always works by the rules.'"
-Lord de Worde and Mr. Slant, The Truth.


Samuel Vimes is a cop in his early fifties, scruffy and thin, and rarely seen without a cigar. He is straightforward and rough of speech, poorly educated (though he makes up for it in street smarts and more common sense than the entire population of Ankh-Morpork combined), and, it is said, could probably make a helmet look rumpled. He's also a duke, but he doesn't like to talk about that much unless he has to. His accent resembles that of London's East End, though it's been much cleaned up and straightened out over the years.

He wakes up on the island a few months after the events of Thud! by Terry Pratchett. With him on arrival are:

-1 well-made brown cotton shirt
-1 pair sturdy brown knee breeches
-1 pair white stockings
-1 pair black leather boots
-1 chain mail vest
-1 belt
-1 shield-shaped badge, inscribed with AMCW 177
-1 iron breastplate
-1 ceremonial policeman’s truncheon made of rosewood with a silver knob on the end, inscribed with the words “Protector of the Kinge’s Piece” (sic)
-1 silver cigar case, inscribed on the inside with the words, ‘To Sam with love from your Sybil’ and containing about a dozen cigars.
-1 box of about fifteen matches

For fun, not profit. PTerry, I love you.

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